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Awkward invests in own initiatives and works on ideas with entrepreneurs, startups and established companies. We build and launch 1.0 products. This point marks the forming of a new team or company that further develops and supports the product.

We act on good ideas and start the process from concept to design & development. See us as a space where new businesses start. A space where we can offer the resources to work on products with a long-term vision.

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Currently working on Finer Fields

A curated online magazine for male fashion

Finer Fields collaborates with New York photographers for its third issue
February, 2016
The Independents - Finer Fields’ second issue - is released
January, 2016
The search for product fit continues
December, 2015
Finer Fields undergoes change towards additional content
November, 2015
Awkward starts exploring possibilities in New York to support product vision
October, 2015
Finer Fields has been greenlighted for a second issue
September, 2015
Origins - Finer Fields’ first issue - is released
July, 2015
The first brands and boutiques contribute to the platform
April, 2015
Finer Fields is founded by Frank Kuo and Awkward
November, 2014