Benjamin Franklinstraat 513
3029 AC Rotterdam

Back-end Engineer

Rotterdam, The Netherlands — Full-time

So you’re interested in a job, eh? That’s perfect! Well, the first thing you need to know is that engineers are an essential part of Awkward’s product team. Their knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies help us form incredible products. Products that we create for companies like Sketch, Sonos & Revue. Building our own (side)projects is also something we love to do. Apps like Beam and Finer Fields are some great examples. We've recently started the search for an amazing Back-end Engineer to extend our team.

As a Back-end Engineer, you’ll have the position to work on large-scale systems that reach millions of people. We hope that doesn’t sound too scary. Who knows, you might just be the right person to take on this challenge! We’re looking for someone that loves building products from a behind the scenes perspective. Someone who is able to work on one project for months on end, or multiple projects in one month (both examples are not uncommon around the Awkward office). And above all: we’re looking for a dedicated team player with a keen eye for detail.


Have what it takes?

Please let us know if you have any:

We value every year of experience in your field, but experience is not a hard requirement. We’d rather hire someone that has the passion and the knowledge to build high quality products. Someone that is willing to learn and improve, but also someone willing to teach.

You might work on:

What it’s like to be Awkward?

Awkward builds and supports custom software. In the years of our existence, we took on amazing projects with companies like Sketch, Sonos & Revue. Building our own (side)projects is also something we love to do. We primarily focus on software like apps, services and websites.

We’re passionate about our craft. We love making ideas tangible and we believe working closely with our client is the way to accomplish a great end result. We strongly believe that we bring out the best in each other and the industries we work on. We hope it shows, because we’re a company that looks to inspire and motivate through its products.

Our compact yet unified product team consists of a variety of disciplines that work together to provide our clients and partners with products that meet their business goals. We work together with full-stack software engineers, iOS software engineers, and product designers. This has shown to be an effective combination of disciplines. We’re a team that works together as equals and find honesty an important asset. A team that’s no-nonsense and always straightforward.