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Sketch Mirror

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Sketch is a powerful design application focused entirely on digital design. Built for designers, it hands the opportunity to work faster and produce better results. We’ve been using Sketch since day one and were pleasantly surprised when Sketch asked us to team up and reimagine Sketch Mirror from the ground up.

Sketch Mirror lets you preview your designs on any iOS device while you work on them, making it the perfect companion for Sketch. An incredible feature for a designer, one that we were aching to improve. We completely rebuilt Sketch Mirror to ensure it would meet today’s user expectations.

Sketch Mirror devices

We wanted to make sure that Sketch Mirror works, in all situations. That’s why we built in plug-and-play USB support on top of a connection over Wi-Fi. The Sketch Mirror communication part of Sketch is being executed on a separate process next to the Sketch Mac App. This ensures safety and stability.

How Sketch Mirror 2.0 works →

We kept the user interface to a minimum, so you can focus on your work. In addition to the Sketch Mirror iOS App, we’ve created a version of Sketch Mirror that works in every browser. This feature makes it possible to test designs on desktop and mobile.

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