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Content first

Revue offers people a content curation platform driven by email. In order to give people the feeling of customization they want to introduce themes. Revue chose us as a design partner to brainstorm about this new feature and to design the first theme for their platform. This adventure all happened in the short period of three to four days.

For the Awkward theme we really felt like we had to set a standard when it comes to letting the content shine, because it’s something we strive for as a company. Revue’s target audience varies greatly, but we chose to focus on photographers, journalists and bloggers. These three target audiences rely on their content the most, so we felt like we could have the biggest impact there.

Designing for email is a great challenge because the medium is fairly outdated compared to the rest of the web. Designing with a limited set of typefaces and layout options was therefore difficult but we’re confident that we got everything out of it.

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After doing some research we quickly found out that we wanted to set a style that was inspired by editorial work. Creating newsletters is a similar process because as a creator you’re fitting the pieces together that make a great newsletter.

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Going for editorial also meant going bolder than the current default Revue theme. Revue agreed, and that resulted in more layout options and bigger, more balanced typography and moving the author section to the footer. We designed two new layout options of which only one will make it into production for now, but we can’t wait for them to add the second one as well.

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