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A curated online magazine for male fashion

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Brands and Boutiques

Menswear is the fastest growing sector for online commerce and its mobile sales are rising. Purchases are shifting from in-store to digital. This creates an opportunity for independent brands and boutiques, but not every merchant has the resources to create a mobile presence. The question became:

How can we empower boutiques to adapt to the rapidly changing commerce world while maintaining their identity?

It became clear that these self-standing businesses need a means of increased discovery. The lack of technical expertise and financial resources make it nearly impossible for them to create a rich mobile experience. To empower boutiques, we've built a collective platform that unified selling power and created a singular destination to discover the latest in men’s fashion.

Telling a story

FortyTwo is about merchants and their history, culture and love for fashion. We wanted to create a spotlight on their businesses and make them available beyond their local reach. We increased their visibility by combining brands and boutiques in monthly issues. These issues were centered around changing themes based on location, season and more. It transformed FortyTwo into a magazine which allowed us to do our own curation and quality control.

The brands and boutiques FortyTwo represents have outspoken visual styles and attach much value to their identity. We captured their spirits by building mobile storefronts. Those storefronts became a place with heart and soul where an evolving story about style, heritage and craftsmanship emerged.

Building a magazine

To validate our concepts we created fully-functional prototypes that transported the look and feel of a physical magazine to mobile. Integrating prototyping in our process allowed us to test and validate ideas with users frequently. After a host of various concepts and iterations, we landed on a couple of key elements.

Minimal UI

Private beta

The relationship we developed with our partners became our strongest asset. We personally went to every brand and boutique to debate the progress. This created a bond of trust and gave our partners a voice. Their involvement in the design process helped us validate ideas early on which led to creating great content.

The first issue of our online magazine contains 11 partners supporting over 60 different brands that we’re eager to introduce. We are currently working on our second issue.

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