Benjamin Franklinstraat 513
3029 AC Rotterdam

Dribbble & Sketch Meetup

March 11th, 2016

Meetups don’t start themselves, you know. It’s tough to organize a meetup that offers both value and entertainment to (give or take) 150 people. Sure we could’ve just ordered some pizza’s, some cases of beer and had some guy talk about his favorite icons (and yes, that would’ve probably been okay with most of us) but we know that feeling and those aren’t the meetups you still reminisce over.

Our preparation went a little different this time. After 2 development oriented meetups, we decided to walk a different path: design. Awkward has multiple talented designers that were eager to start a Rotterdam meetup focused on their profession. We knew that designer platform Dribbble had a huge meetup following and it was still in our investigative process that we were contacted by Pieter Omvlee, founder of Sketch. When Pieter told us he wanted to contribute, the wheels began to turn. It made sense, combining one of the biggest designer platforms with one of the biggest designer softwares. And thus, the Dribbble & Sketch Meetup was born.

The evening went by in a breeze. We had more than enough drinks to go around and plenty to eat, our caterer made sure of that. We invited Framer, Sketch and Booking.com for a presentation and I think you could hear a pin drop, were it not for the occasional applause. So, let’s back it up to the reminiscence part. When I was walking around yesterday I saw people having a good time. Some even complimented the office, speakers, food or drinks. And it’s a great feeling, right? It made us have a good time as well.

It was a pleasure meeting a lot of new faces and great to see some familiar ones. Thanks to our co-hosts Sketch and Brthrs. Thanks to our speakers Benjamin, Christopher and Erin. And thanks to everyone who contributed to an amazing evening. Here’s to the next one!