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Cloud shares in your pocket

May 30th, 2017

The team from Sketch launched Sketch 44 recently. Part of Sketch 44 are Sketch Cloud comments and Sketch Mirror 2.4 for iOS. This post gives you a look behind the scenes on why you can now preview Cloud Documents with Mirror 2.4.

What's new in Sketch 44

Sketch Mirror is an iOS app available for the iPhone and iPad that can be used to live-preview designs from Sketch. Sketch Mirror offers a seamless experience with barely any UI, so there is total focus on the mirrored design.

Sketch Cloud on the other hand features a UI to navigate people through their shared documents. The navigation bar is 58pt in height and the Safari UI takes up 110pt as well. That's roughly 25% of the screen which leaves us with 75% to display artboards nicely. That's why Sketch Mirror 2.4 now lets you preview Sketch Cloud content fullscreen on an iOS device.

One thing we learned from making products is that as a product designer you’re always wrong until you’re proven right. We set a scope together and started to write down the requirements for Mirror 2.4.

… as a product designer you’re always wrong until you’re proven right.

We wanted to make sure that we created a seamless experience for anyone who would use the app. However, at the same time we wanted to keep the interface changes at a minimum in order to keep the focus of the app on mirroring live documents.

Starting small

People who upload documents to Cloud can choose whether they want the document to be publicly accessible or to hide it behind a password. As a result of starting small we decided to focus on public shares first in order to find out if people like the feature.

Creating a seamless experience

The most seamless solution we could think of was opening Mirror right away when someone taps on a Cloud url. We built it so that it works within any app on an iOS device by using universal links.

We also implemented state restoration so people who had a Cloud Document open will immediately come back to the document. This is especially great for those who will only use Mirror to view Cloud documents but don’t have a need to live-preview Sketch documents.

A small post, but still something we wanted to share. We hope you enjoyed reading this post about our process. There are more nice things in the pipeline but we're getting there one step at a time. If you want to try Mirror 2.4 you can download it from the iOS App Store.