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3029 AC Rotterdam


Hi, we're Awkward

Awkward is a digital design and development agency operating from Rotterdam. It’s been 5 years since we’ve started building quality products together with established companies and great startups. Since then, we’ve developed a variety of disciplines and interests, which let us transform ideas into first class experiences.

We help our clients realize ideas from the first sketch, to launch day and beyond. It’s in this process where we create innovative software for mobile and web. A process where strategy, design and development is key. We also launch our own ideas, sometimes resulting in separate ventures.

Company Collage

How we work

Awkward consists of a dedicated and multidisciplinary team. Built up from members that form a strong unity, when put together. We get our energy from working on inspiring projects. That means our partners might be big or small, we’re interested if a story fits our aspiration.

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Engineering


We set course by translating our clients’ business goals into a roadmap. The first step to an end-to-end product. One reinforced through brand, content and product strategy.


We work in an agile and iterative process where we not only discuss with our partners, but research the audience and use interactive prototypes to guide our decisions.


We enjoy building apps, products and services. We strive to create simple, scalable products in every case and achieve this by collaborating closely between disciplines.

The A-Team

As our name might suggest, you need to be a bit Awkward, but most importantly product minded to be part of our team.

Kevin Kalle
Founder / CEO
David van Leeuwen
Founder / Software Engineer
Dennis Blok
Founder / Software Engineer
Stijn Hanegraaf
Product Designer
Rens Verhoeven
Software Engineer
Tiemen Waterreus
Software Engineer
John van de Water
Software Engineer
Barbara Bleeker
Office Manager
Robin Speijer
Software Engineer
Mark Seltenrijch
Marketing Manager
Martijn Vermeulen
Product Designer
Timon van Spronsen
Software Engineer
Marc Bouchenoire
Bart Freijssen
Product Designer
Maarten van Vliet
Software Engineer

We've been fortunate to work with some amazing partners.
If you think we're a good fit, contact us.

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